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Event Registration - 2018 APRP Power Package

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Start Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
End Date:
Saturday, March 03, 2018
Description:Are you committed to taking the APRP exam this year? Then the Aspiring APRP Power Package is for you! The APRP Power Package includes all of the following to set you on your way toward successfully achieving the APRP certification:

APRP Test Prep Toolkit
*ACH Rules Book
*ACH Risk Management Handbook
*ACH Compliance Manual
*Revised UCC4A and the ACH Network Handbook
*Third-Party Sender ACH Risk Assessment Workbook
*Third-Party Senders and the ACH Network Handbook
*Managing ACH Credit Risk Guide

APRP Education:
*What You Need to Know to Become an APRP webinar (free)
*APRP Prep In Person Class
*APRP Prep Webinar Series

ePayResources APRP Program:
APRP Power Package Details
CostMember: $999 Non Member: $1,995
CEUp to 26.80 AAP Credits
*Note-Only 20 AAP credits may be claimed per year.
Learning LevelAll Levels
AudienceACH Operations, Payroll Managers, Treasury Professionals, Corporate Cash Managers, Software Vendors, Government Finance, Corporate & Federal Accts Payable, Commercial Lenders, Compliance Staff, Third-Party Service Providers, Auditors
Cancellation PolicyCancellations received less than five (5) banking days prior to the seminar date are not refundable. Cancellations received more than five (5) banking days must be received in writing. Substitutions are allowed.
Other Information
What You Need to Know to Become an APRP

Goal: Informing webinar series registrants what to expect when preparing to take the APRP certification. These program policies include information on testing categories, as well as education offerings and requirements. The APRP Program Policies can be found online at https://www.nacha.org/aprp.
This session shares information about the resources and tools ePayResources provides as part of the preparation series. During this session we state our expectations; review the Connections community participation; practice tests and quizzes; and syllabus objectives.

Fundamentals of Payments Risk Management, part 1

Goal: This first of two sessions outlines the building blocks for payments risk management. Defines and identifies the types of risk associated each payment channel. Discusses the impacts of risk within each payment channel as well as mitigation and preventative controls.

Fundamentals of Payments Risk Management, part 2

Goal: The second session continues with the building blocks for payments risk management. Identification of the types of risk associated each payment channel. Continues the discussion of the impacts of risk within each payment channel as well as mitigation and preventative controls; and concludes with an in-depth look at the importance of a strong risk assessment program.

Payment Systems, part 1

Goal: With the fundamentals established, the two Payments Systems sessions look at the different payments channels and the nuances associated with each system. Compares the various payments systems to include emerging and alternative payment channels.

Payments Systems, part 2

Goal: This second session on Payments Systems pick up where part 1 concluded to complete the breakdown of the different payment channels, the nuances and how they compare to what is occurring with emerging and alternative payments.

Payments Risk Policy & Governance

Goal: No discussion of risk governance is complete without a discussion on policies and procedures. This session explores the world of risk appetite, risk tolerance, and risk profiles - what are they and what do they mean? It also identifies risk management methods and the roles that senior management and the Board of Directors play in risk management.

Payments Risk Management Systems & Controls

Goals: The title says it all! This session is completely dedicated to internal controls - from business continuity and disaster recovery to customer identification programs and vendor management.

Physical Information Security and Regulatory Environment

Goal: This session combines highlights the importance of managing and protecting the data within each payment channel from inappropriate or unauthorized use. We also include a discussion on authentication guidelines within each payment rail. This session provides an overview of the various laws and regulations participants in the payment ecosystem must comply with to include soon-to-be implemented changes to Regulation CC.

Review & Testing Information

Goal: Come one, come all and bring your questions with you! Our final session is a review session where we address any questions about the material previously covered as well as other reference materials for the APRP exam.

Registration for this series includes:

One dial-in connection to each session
One set of course materials and study plans via ePayResources Connections
One access to the APRP Prep Series Study Group via ePayResources Connections
One access to the Question of the Day emailed directly to the registrant each Banking Day beginning the day of the first session
One access to the online quizzes and practice exams (if applicable)
Registration is closed. If you need assistance, please call 1-800-475-0585 option 2. Thank you.