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Second round of Economic Impact Payments has begun! 

Update January 25:
    The IRS will reissue 5.2 million EIPs beginning this week.  2.8 million of those payments will be distributed by ACH Direct Deposit and the remainder will be sent by check.  These payments are reissuances of prior payments sent in error to tax preparers and that were subsequently returned at the specific instruction of the IRS.  The ACH files will be sent in two batches with likely effective dates of January 29 and February 3.  RDFIs might begin to receive these entries as early as Tuesday, January 26. The IRS 
advises those who believe they are impacted to check the status of their payment at the Get My Payment portal.  

ACH Company Name: IRS TREAS 310
ACH Company Entry Description: XXTAXEIP2

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