Accredited ACH Professional (AAP)

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam is designed to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the ACH payment channel. Passing this exam sets you apart as a well-rounded ACH payments professional and the go-to internal resource!

Aspiring AAP Power Package

Are you committed to taking the AAP exam this year? Then the Aspiring AAP Power Package is for you! The Power Package includes the following options to help you on your way toward successfully achieving the AAP certification:

•  AAP Publication Package (valued at $375), which includes:
ACH Rules Book
ACH Compliance Manual
ACH Pro CD (ships summer of 2018)
Revised UCC4A and the ACH Network
ACH Product and Marketing Handbook
2018 Return Reason Code Guide
AAP Flashcards 
•  AAP Preparation Webinar Series (9 webinars valued at $995), which includes one access to the following:
Nine webinars to cover the AAP exam categories plus an interactive review
Webinar Quiz following webinar sessions two through eight
Exclusive, resource-rich Connections community for on-going study and discussion
Pre-series and Post-series Practice tests
Experience building teach-back assignments (homework)
•  Aspiring AAPs Informational Webinar (free) 
•  AAP Preparatory  - In-person Two Full Days (valued at $495) 
•  AAP Review Before You Test - In-person Two Full Days (valued at $495)

NOTE - NACHA Certification Test cost not included in AAP Power Package pricing.

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