ePayResources Introduction to Payments Certificate Program

This program is no longer available

Current Students

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Program Overview

The ePayResources Introduction to Payments (ITP) Certificate Program is a basic course of study that teaches you the fundamentals of payments.  This self-paced series provides you with a foundational understanding of electronic banking and multiple payment systems, including related rules and regulations, risk management considerations, and more.  Participants who complete the course of study within a two-year period and pass the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

This program is ideal for anyone new to your organization or to the payments industry, both frontline and back office.  Since the program is introductory level, it is not intended for Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs). We encourage AAPs to participate in other education programs offered by ePayResources.  

Program Details

The course consists of fifteen online training modules covering multiple electronic payments topics.  You complete the modules over a two-year period at your own convenience and in any order you prefer.  Short quizzes at the end of each module help prepare you for the ePayResources ITP Certificate exam. If you complete the modules and quizzes within two years and pass the exam, you receive a Certificate of Completion.

The two years are calculated from the month in which registration is processed. For example, a candidate who registers on August 14, 2020 has until August 14, 2022 to complete all required courses. The courses may be completed as quickly as the certification candidate chooses within the two-year period.


  1. Program Overview
  2. Banking and Electronic Payments
  3. Understanding the Payments Industry
  4. Regulations 101
  5. ACH 101
  6. ACH 102
  7. Check 101
  8. Check 102
  9. Cards 101
  10. Wires 101
  11. Alternative Payments
  12. Faster Payments
  13. Treasury Management 101
  14. Commercial Account Analysis 101
  15. Cybersecurity


Who should enroll:

  • Anyone new to your organization
  • Anyone who works with payments, including ACH, Card, Wire, and Check
  • Financial Institution personnel of all levels
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Board members
    • Operations
    • IT
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Executives and senior management
    • Branch managers
    • Loan officers
    • Tellers

Certification Examination

Those who complete all required modules and quizzes within two years will be able to request access to the ePayResources Introduction to Payments Certificate exam. The candidate will need a stable Internet connection to access the online exam.   

The sixty-question exam must be taken in a two-hour period. Exam questions are a combination of multiple choice, matching, true/false, and fill-in-the blank. It is not an open-book exam; candidates are on their honor to answer questions based on their knowledge gained from the training program.  A pass/fail result is supplied to you at the completion of the exam, and a personalized Certificate of Completion will be sent to candidates who earn a passing score. 

Let’s Get Started!

Program includes:

  • Access to all required modules and quizzes
  • ePayResources ITP Certificate Exam

Program cost:

  • $1,995.00 per person for members (ePay Bucks may be applied toward purchase!)
  • $3,995.00 per person for nonmembers 


Contact the ePayResources Payments Education and Innovation Team: