ePayResources ACH Certification

Expand your knowledge of electronic payments, demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace by staying informed of the latest developments, requirements, and emerging applications in electronic payments.

This program is available exclusively to members of ePayResources. 


  • Exclusively Available to ePayResources Members Only
  • Affordable
  • Taught by Payments Professionals
  • Receive the Most Current Information in the ACH World
  • Great Stepping Stone to the AAP


Program Details

Participants are required to complete a broad curriculum covering specific topics within a two year time frame. Upon completion of the required curriculum, candidates must attend a review webinar and earn a passing score on the ePayResources ACH Certification exam.

 Who Should Enroll:
  • ACH Operations Personnel
  • Financial Institution Training Personnel
  • Any professional seeking electronic payments industry certification

  1. Comparative Payments Systems (formerly titled Introduction to Payments)
  2. Navigating the ACH Rules Book part 1
  3. Navigating the ACH Rules Book part 2
  4. Government ACH - A Focus on Federal Government Payments
  5. Government ACH Reclamations
  6. ACH Products
  7. ACH Operations: The Fundamentals of Receiving ACH
  8. ACH Exceptions Processing
  9. ACH Origination: Essential Guidelines & Tools
  10. ACH Rules Compliance
  11. ACH Risk Basics
  12. ACH Bits & Bytes: The Technical Made Simple
  13. 2 Electives On Demand courses or webinars of your choice that are found listed on this ePayResources ACH Certification page in the 'List of Courses' area.

Let's Get Started!

Tuition Includes:
ACH Rules Book
Access to exclusive Connections community for discussion and study
ePayResources ACH Certification Exam fee
Registration fees for required and elective courses
Tuition for the review course
Program registration and processing fees

Program Cost:
$1,500 - Savings of over $2,000!

How to Register:
Complete the Registration Form. Registration will be processed after payment is made. 

Contact the Education Services Department

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Testing to Attain ePayResources Certification

An ePayResources Certification candidate has two years in which to complete the required courses. The two years are calculated from the year in which registration is processed. Therefore, a candidate registered in January has until December 31 two years later to complete all required courses. The courses may be completed as quickly as the certification candidate chooses, within the two-year period.

It takes two and one-half hours to complete one On Demand Course, on average. Some courses may take longer. Some courses can be completed in less time. The time you take to complete an On Demand Course depends on your learning style; the length of audio / video components within the course; how many times the player is paused; and other factors.

Candidates receive an email inviting them to participate in a November ePayResources Certification review webinar and the December ePayResources Certification Program test. Once the email is received the candidate needs to reply their intention to participate in the November review or / and the December test. Candidates choose their own year in which to test.

Prior to each test window, there is a review webinar held for those interested in sitting for the exam that calendar year. The date for the review webinar is the second Tuesday in November. In the event the second Tuesday is a holiday, the review webinar will be the following Wednesday.

The ePayResources ACH Certification test is administered annually in December. The test window is 15 calendar days typically, from December 1 through December 15. The ACH Certification test is Internet based. There is no need to travel.

The test covers six areas of expertise included in the required ePayResources ACH Certification courses. The exam blue print categories are listed below.

  1. General Payments Overview/Comparative Payment Systems
  2. Marketing & Products
  3. Risk Management
  4. Rules & Regulations
  5. Operational Process/Flow
  6. Technical Standards/Formats

The candidate needs a stable Internet connection. Three hours are provided to take the 120 question, multiple choice test. Of the 120 questions, 100 questions are scored for purposes of the ePayResources ACH Certification result. Once the test is started by the candidate, it must be completed in one sitting. Please, plan accordingly.

Candidates are on their honor to answer questions based on their knowledge. The ePayResources ACH Certification test is not open book/open resource. An assertion that the test was completed by the candidate without the assistance of any reference materials or sources, electronic or otherwise, is required. Test results are mailed after ePayResources receives the candidate's signed assertion.

Maintaining Your ePayResources ACH Certification

Upon receipt of the ePayResources Certification, all certified members must complete continuing education obligations annually to maintain the ePayResources Certification. The continuing education requirement begins the calendar year after the ePayResources ACH Certification certificate is printed. The criteria outlined below provides the information needed to ensure continuing education requirements are met.

An ePayResources Certified member may use one of the five methods outlined below to meet the continuing education requirement each calendar year to maintain current ePayResources ACH Certification status. However, an ePayResources Certified member may complete additional education events and activities at their discretion. Outlined below are the benefits of each continuing education opportunity.

  1. Register and attend a ePayResources Rule Update webinar:
    • Attending a live webinar provides opportunities to obtain answers as the questions occur to the attendee
    • There are typically two ePayResources Rule Update webinars in a calendar year.
  2. Complete the On Demand recording of the ePayResources Rule Update webinar:
    • Listen to the recorded webinar in one’s own time. Access to the recording is provided for 30 days, with unlimited viewing. It is, therefore, possible that other members at the ePayResources Certified member’s financial institution may benefit from the information.
    • On Demand recordings are usually made available for purchase five business days after the live event.
  3. Register and attend an ACH Boot Camp – Compliance Specialist:
    • ACH Boot Camps—Compliance Specialist (Intermediary)—provide intensive ACH training in an interactive, in-person environment. Pose questions of the instructor and participate in team exercises to stay abreast of the Rules, Regulations, statutes, and trends shaping the ACH Network.
    • ACH Boot Camps are scheduled throughout the calendar year in various cities across Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida, and North Carolina. Each ACH Boot Camp is a two-day event.
  4. Register and attend ePayResources Payments Systems Update workshop:
    • Workshop provides education on all electronic payments channels: ACH, Card, Check, and Wire
    • Attending the in-person workshop provides opportunities to interact with payments professionals and the instructor
    • Workshop is scheduled in more than 45 cities, across multiple states
  5. Register and attend ePayResources' Annual Conference - ePayConnect:
    • ePayConnect provides education and thought leadership on all legacy channels plus emerging payments, industry trends, and more. It includes three full days of workshops, general sessions, and concurrent track sessions in four tracks: Compliance and Operations, Fraud and Risk, Customers and Products, and Innovation and Technology. 
    • Attending this conference provides numerous opportunities to network with your peers, ePay staff, industry payments experts, speakers, and solution providers. 
    • ePayConnect is held annually in Orlando, FL in early March. Future events may also include a virtual hybrid attendance option. 
  6. Register and retake the ePayResources certification test:
    • Demonstrate your mastery of ACH Network concepts and applicable governing Rules and statutes.
    • The ePayResources Certification Program exam is administered the second Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in December. The test is electronic. One only needs an Internet connection and approximately three hours to complete. No scores will be provided. The exam is pass/fail result only.

The selected continuing education option must be completed within the calendar year for which re-certification is required, i.e., January 1 through December 31 of the year after the active certificate. *NOTE* Continuing education credits do not carry over to subsequent years for later use nor can continuing education credits be pre-completed in a prior year.

ePayResources ACH Certified members must file all continuing education credits no later than March 31 each year. You do not have to wait until March 31 of the following year; you may file credits as they are completed. Communication of continuing education completion to an ePayResources staff member does not constitute registration for the continuing education method chosen. It will not be sufficient to retain the ePayResources ACH Certification status. A late filing fee is assessed if the March 31 deadline is missed.

Continuing education credits must be filed using the ePayResources ACH Certification Continuing Education Reporting Form.

Upon verification that the continuing education requirement has been met, an updated ePayResources ACH Certification certificate will be printed and mailed to the address of file for the member. The updated certificate is for the entire calendar year in which it is issued. This means that even if one accomplishes the ePayResources Certification continuing education requirement on December 31, the resulting certificate will be for the entire calendar year. Updated certificates are printed and mailed at regular intervals during the calendar year.

The certified member is responsible for notifying ePayResources of attendance, and paying for the course. Please complete the ePayResources ACH Certification Continuing Education Reporting Form below to ensure you have been credited for all courses taken.

IMPORTANT FORM: ePayResources ACH Certification Continuing Education Reporting Form



ePayResources recognizes Nacha requires continuing education goals in excess of those imposed on ePayResources Certified members. ePayResources does not, therefore, require AAPs to complete one of the four methods outlined above. We recognize the on-going efforts to meet the AAP continuing education requirements as more than sufficient to meet the ePayResources Certified continuing education requirements. However, we invite each AAP to make use of ePayResources training to meet their AAP continuing education goals. ePayResources Certified members who are also AAPs will receive updated certificates in January of each year.