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A lot is happening in the world of payments and not knowing what you need to know is part of the challenge. At ePayResources, we specialize in keeping you informed. From education about important rule changes to exploring the latest in payment system developments, ePayResources is your go-to resource for everything payments.

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The operations unit is the backbone of any organization. Having a solid understanding of various payment types, operating rules and process flows is vital to any business that handles electronic payments.

For the operations professional, we've made a selection of classes that will provide you the information you need— for your day-to-day responsibilities and to expand your horizons

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Risk & Compliance:

Now more than ever, payments risk management and compliance proficiency are critical competencies for financial institutions. As new rules are introduced and regulators further scrutinize practices, institutions must understand and apply the foundational principles of risk and compliance management and ensure you’re protected by strong policies and procedures.

If you're responsible for fraud, risk, audit, or compliance, than this is the place for you.

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Customer Relations:

Payments education is not just for operations personnel. The payments landscape is quickly evolving, with new and exciting options for you your customers. So, it’s important for all financial institution personnel to stay informed and be knowledgeable about payments.

Whether you’re a branch manager, customer service agent, or sales and marketing professional, the more you know about payments the more you can help meet your customers’ needs.

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