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In this ever-changing payments environment, being an AAP is a must!

Let SWACHA help you prepare for and obtain the AAP accreditation, and become a nationally recognized expert in the ACH industry. 

So that you can prepare in a way that is best for you, we offer various methods of learning. Prefer to learn from your desk? Webinars may work best for you! Like to learn in groups? The 2-day review class will help! We also have publications, for studying on the go! 

"Examiners view having AAPs on staff as extremely important. AAP is the one certification that regulators view as the payments' industry standard for accreditation and ongoing education." - Tony DaSilva, AAP, CISA, Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta


2016 AAP Exam Fees and Dates

Options to Fit All Your Needs!

AAP Review - 2-Day Class

If you are an aspiring AAP, SWACHA has the tools to help ensure that you are prepared to master the accreditation exam!

AAP Review is an intensive two-day program designed to review the major topic areas of the AAP exam while allowing attendees the opportunity to benchmark the progress of their own exam preparation efforts.

Upon completing the two-day review, exam candidates will possess the information needed to effectively focus their study efforts during the time that remains until the exam is taken.  AAP Review is offered early enough in the year to allow attendees sufficient time to devote to their newly re-focused exam preparation plans. 

SWACHA’s support of preparation efforts by exam candidates isn’t limited to just the time spent together in the classroom.  As part of the registration fee, a variety of valuable study aids are provided:

  • Electronic Flaschards
  • ACH Pro CD
  • Access to the 2016 AAP Review Connections Community
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Bonus Study Materials
  • Optional Learning Opportunities


8/10: San Antonio, TX
8/17: Bossier City, LA   8/24: Dallas, TX


AAP Review - Webinar Series

A great supplement to the 2-Day Class! 

Session Dates & Titles:

8/02/16: Payment Systems Overview & ACH Products
8/09/16: ACH Rules
8/16/16: Regulations & Federal Government Payments
8/23/16: ACH Operations
8/30/16: Risk Management
9/06/16: Technical Specifications

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AAP Boot Camps

Don't be fooled! SWACHA was the first to bring boot camps into the ACH world. 


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AAP Prep - Webinar Series

A great first step for AAP exam test takers!

An interactive series of webinars designed to both inform and engage. During the course of the series, reading homework will be assigned in order to ready each registrant for the accreditation exam. Additionally, there is coursework designed to encourage registrants to contribute both to their own learning and to the learning of other registrants.
  • Weekly discussions via SWACHA Connections web portal
  • Pop quizzes follow each session
  • 120-question, multiple-choice exam designed to replicate the AAP exam

Session Dates & Titles:

4/14/16: Session 1 - Introduction: Beginning AAP Exam Preparation
4/28/16: Session 2 - Payments Overview, Marketing & Products
5/12/16: Session 3 - Rules, Regulations, & Laws - Part 1
5/26/16: Session 4 - Rules, Regulations, & Laws - Part 2
6/09/16: Session 5 - Technical Standards & Formats - Part 1
6/23/16: Session 6 - Technical Standards & Formats - Part 2
7/07/16: Session 7 - Risk Management
7/21/16: Session 8 - Review & Testing Information

AAP CEC: up to 2.4 AAP CEC per webinar session - excluding Session 1 and Session 8
              up to 14.4 AAP CEC per webinar series

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 "Examiners view having AAPs on staff as extremely important. AAP is the one certification that regulators view as the payments' industry standard for accreditation and ongoing education." - Tony DaSilva, AAP, CISA, Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta