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AgreementsNow! ACH Block / Filter Agreement

As financial institutions see an increase in fraud attempts on all payment types, ACH customers are looking to use anti-fraud services like ACH Blocks/Filters and ACH Positive Pay. These services help the customers to control and/or monitor ACH activity. The Agreement contains a customizable Microsoft Word document that includes critical forms and conditions between these parties.

Item Number - 537-AN

Available Electronically

AgreementsNow! Business Online Bkg Cash Mgmt Master Svc Agmt

One master agreement that covers all your payments products eliminates the need for separate agreements that must be signed and filed for each service! This electronic document contains a modifiable Business Online Banking and Cash Management Service Master Agreement in Microsoft Word that captures what should be in every service agreement. You append further information using the multiple product schedules that are include on the document. Product schedules included on the document are:

  • ACH Origination including authorization forms and more
  • ACH Block-Filter
  • Account Reconciliation including full, partial, and range
  • Lockbox including retail, wholesale, and "wholetail"
  • Line of Credit Sweep
  • Money Market Sweep
  • Positive Pay
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Wire Transfer
  • Reverse Wire

The ACH, Remote Deposit Capture, and Wire Transfer agreements are also structured for stand-alone use if needed. The contents and price make this a very cost-effective package for your payments product program!

Item Number - 686

Available Electronically

Alternative Payments On-demand

Venture with us as we boldly go where more and more intrepid citizens go daily - the world of alternative payments! Advancements in technology have significantly changed the payments landscape - not only how we pay our bills, but how we pay each other. Bitcoin, block chain, Venmo, Amazon GO, P2P, Starbucks, Walmart, and Apple Pay are just a few of the most recognizable names in the alternative payments universe. During this webinar we discuss the main players and influencers, and a handful of the technologies that helped usher in this change. We also take a peek at what's next in this space.

NOTE: This session was designed to be purchased as part of the Introduction to Payments (ITP) Certificate Program. For more information, please click the link below.

Introduction to Payments Certificate Program

This series is introductory and is not intended for Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP)

NOTE: To register for the Introduction to Payments (ITP) Certificate Program, please click the link below.

ITP Certificate Registration
Available Electronically

Card Disputes - Education & Reducing Fraud On-demand

Educating your cardholders on how to be the first BLOCKER with their cards can help save your financial institution money and reduce the frustration associated with disputes and fraudulent activity.

Join us for this fifth of six sessions, where we will explore those changes and outline the ways consumers and card issuers are protected as well as how merchants are being impacted.

Guest Speaker:
Cheri Perry, Founder of Total Merchant Concepts

This On Demand course may be selected as an elective for the ePayResources ACH Certification Program.

NOTE: On Demand courses remain available for 90 calendar days after registration is processed. This period includes nights and weekends. Unlimited viewing is allowed within the 90-day period. Once the 90-day interval expires, the course may not be accessed again. Additional registration may be processed for an additional fee.

AAP Credits: Up to 1.2
Available Electronically