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Event Registration - 2019 AAP Power Package

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Are you committed to taking the AAP exam? Then the Aspiring AAP Power Package is for you! This package includes all the educational and study materials available to help you achieve accreditation. This package includes all the following components to build the most complete exam preparation kit available!

Power Package Includes the Following:
  • What You Need to Know to Become an AAP webinar (free)
  • AAP Prep package (Publications) ($375 value)
    • ACH Rules Book
    • ACH Compliance Manual
    • ACH Pro CD (ships summer of 2019)
    • Revised UCC4A and the ACH Network
    • ACH Product & Marketing Handbook
    • 2019 Return Reason Code Guide
    • AAP Flashcards
  • AAP Prep In-Person ($495 value)
  • AAP Prep - Webinar Series ($995 value)
  • AAP Review ($495 value)
See Other Information tab for webinar details.
Member: $1,795
Non Member: $3,495

A retail value of over $2,400 for only $1,795.
Saving of 26% when all components are selected.
Up to 45.6 AAP/ APRP Credits
*Note-Only 20 AAP credits may be claimed per year.
All Levels
Who should register?
  • ACH operations staff
  • Payroll managers
  • Treasury professionals
  • Corporate cash managers
  • Software vendors and service providers
  • Government finance officers
  • Corporate and Federal agency accounts payable and receivable staff
  • Commercial lenders
  • Compliance staff
  • Third-Party Service Providers
  • Auditors
Cancellations received less than five (5) banking days prior to the seminar date are not refundable. Cancellations received more than five (5) banking days must be received in writing. Substitutions are allowed.

Introduction: Beginning AAP Exam Preparation

Goal: Informing webinar series registrants that AAP's should be familiar with, and abide by, all AAP Program Policies. These program policies include information on testing categories, as well as continuing education requirements. The AAP Program Policies can be found online at https://www.nacha.org/content /app-program-policies.
This session shares information about the resources and tools ePayResources provides as part of the preparation series. During this session we state our expectations for the teach-back slides; Connections community participation; practice tests and quizzes; and syllabus objectives.

If you joined the AAP Webinar Series after the first session, the teach-back assignments will not apply and only one practice test will be provided.


General Payments Overview, Comparative Payment Systems

Goal: To understand the history and structure of the ACH Network and to learn to distinguish between other payments systems and governance. Mastery of this test category requires a candidate to draw comparisons between ACH, Card, Check, and Wire; to know rules, regulations, and statutes of each payment type; recite payment channel participants and draw comparisons between the payment channels.


Marketing & Products

Goal: To understand the products available in the ACH Network, examples include Standard Entry Class Codes; Direct Deposit; and Same Day ACH. There are 23 Standard Entry Class Codes defined for use in the ACH Network. AAP candidates should be able to recite them.


Rules & Regulations part 1

Goal: To be well versed in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments, and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 1 covers Articles 1, 2, 7, and 8, as well as portions of the Guidelines that speaks to these Rules articles.


Rules & Regulations part 2

Image Exchange in the Private Sector Goal: To be very knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 2 covers Articles 3, 4, 5, and 6, as well as portions of the Guidelines that speak to these four articles.


Rules & Regulations part 3

Goal: To be very knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 3 covers OCC Bulletins; The Green Book and Title 31 Code of Federal Reclamations Part 210; Uniform Commercial Code Article 4 and 4A; Regulation E; Regulation D; Regulation CC; Operating Circulars; and OFAC.


Technical Standards & Formats / Risk Management

Goals: To understand the basic building blocks of the ACH File structure; specifications for data acceptance by ACH Operators; minimum description standards; Return Entries and Return Reason Codes; Notification of Change Entries and Notification of Change Coders; Acknowledgement Entries; Rules compliance audit requirements; compensation Rules; arbitration procedures; and Rules enforcement procedures. The technical specifications include all eleven appendices.
To understand and recognize the types of risk inherent to the ACH payments system and mitigation techniques.


Operational Process & Flow

Goal: To put into practice the knowledge gained from the other five AAP test categories This session will concentrate on applications of the Rules and other ACH Network governance; technical specifications; exception handling; and risk mitigation. AAP candidates should come to this session prepared to demonstrate their knowledge.


Webinar Review & Testing Information

Goal: Stump the instructors! This session is the last opportunity for AAP candidates to ask questions of the instructors live. Bring your questions.
We will discuss the topics that the previous sessions revealed as difficult subjects. Story problems will be shared along with tips to help solve them.
During this session we share information about the PSI testing centers and what to expect on the day of your test.

Registration for this series includes:

• One dial-in connection to each session

• One set of course materials and study plans via ePayResources Connections

• One access to the AAP Prep / Review Series Study Group via ePayResources Connections

• One access to the Question of the Day emailed directly to the registrant each Banking Day beginning the day of the first session

• One access to the online quizzes and practice exams