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Guide to ACH Origination

The guide to ACH Origination will help ODFIs establish and maintain successful ACH origination operations. This spiral-bound, easy-to-use guide examines the benefits and risks of origination, explains the preliminary requirements, discusses the responsibilities of the ODFI and addresses implementation concerns regarding specific ACH payment applications. Financial Institutions have found it to be a very valuable educational tool when training.

Item #569

Third-Party Senders & The ACH Network: Implementation Guide

Third-Party Senders & the ACH Network is designed primarily for use by ODFIs and those Third-Party Service Providers that act in the specific role of Third-Party Senders. This publication provides a review of the variations in legal requirements and processing obligations relating to the origination of ACH entries when a Third-Party Service Provider, acting as a Third-Party Sender, is involved in the origination of transactions through the ACH Network. This third edition reflects the latest Nacha Operating Rules changes, offers real-world examples of Third-Party Sender relationships, and includes sound business practices, risk management topics and a checklist of issues to be addressed by ODFIs, Originators, and Third-Party Senders in processing agreements.
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