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Check Quick Reference Cards

This 2018 revised handy set of cards now includes new Reg. CC amendments and a helpful check exception guide to help your institution with those difficult exception items including, altered, counterfeit and forged checks.

These durable cards also include all the check return reason codes and the commonly used Fed adjustment types, including timeframes to file adjustments. Keep need-to-know information at your fingertips, including: Check 21, Remotely Created Checks, Exception Holds and how to handle a lost, stolen or destroyed cashier's check, teller's check or certified check.

Item #654

Check/Image Flashcards

The check/image flashcards are now available!

There are now over 225 cards to help as a hands-on, convenient study aide or just to brush up on your knowledge. This set includes general overview; rules, laws and regulations; fraud and risk mitigation; operations; products and standard and format information.

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Whether studying for the NCPC exam or keeping current with professional development, CheckPro is the tool that gets you where you are going. CheckPro has been specifically designed to help you master the changing check landscape and related payment systems. Covering 4 essential knowledge areas: Fraud and Risk, Operations, Products and Rules, Laws, and Regulations, CheckPro contains all the extra practice and information you need to be a successful Check Professional.

NCP Publication Kit

Are you committed to taking the NCP exam this year? Through the National Check Payments Certification program, National Check Professionals (NCPs) demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the check payment system, including products and operations, relevant rules and laws that govern check image exchange including industry standards and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.

The following tools are recommended as study aids and packaged together at a discounted rate:

NCP Test Prep Toolkit
*Check Pro CD -To ship early 2020
*NCP Check / Image Flash Cards -To ship early 2020
*Check Quick Reference Cards