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50 Days Until Our 50th Anniversary!

We are so excited about our 50th anniversary because it is a reflection of our longstanding relationships with you, our members; together we have been the stewards of tremendous growth and improvement in the payments industry over those decades.  

  • Last year we began our anniversary observance by celebrating our members who have been part of the ePayResources family since the very beginning with tokens of appreciation and recognition that they can display to represent their comittment to our fast, reliable, and secure payments system. These members were featured in our weekly newsletter and social meida over the course of several months. 
  • The next step was the official 2024 kickoff of our celebration, which took place at ePayConnect, our 28th annual conference in March.  We went all in with a 70s theme at our opening reception and special anniversary discounts and giveaways!
  • And now it's time for the final countdown: 50 days until our 50th anniversary month! Follow us on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram to join in the countdown that starts on May 12 featuring your favorite member benefits.

Thank you for your participation and engagement over the years, which has driven our evolution from supporting only ACH to including checks, wire, card, RTP®, FedNow®, and other emerging payments technologies. We look forward to serving your institution for many more years to come!