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Eight Risk Factors That Can Predict Identity Theft

Fraud expert Frank McKenna enjoys working on different types of fraud models with data scientists, analyzing data and patterns and then building models that can detect payments fraud, among other types.  To create models you first have to analyze lots of data and find risk factors, or signals that are present more often when there is fraud than when there is not. Once you accumulate enough good risk factors you let the data scientist do their work determining the weights and combinations of variables that make the most sense in calculating the final score.

McKenna's Frank on Fraud blog reports that the eight risk factors that can predict identity theft are:

1.  Where you live

2.  How often your data has been breached

3.  How many sites you access with the same credentials

4.  Who is close to you

5.  Having good credit

6.  Your age

7.  Whether you use a service to protect your identity

8.  Having a recent major life event

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