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New Learning Module Addresses Online Account Opening Fraud

Online account opening fraud is a frequent topic at our Fraud Reduction Meetings and your institution has likely experienced it.  Do you need a quick intro to - or refresher on - the topic and the role that identity theft plays?

Join our Fraud Forum Community and check out the new Online Account Opening Fraud microlearning module recently added to the library by Paige Jagel, our Director of Instructional Design! In about 10 minutes you will be up to speed on how online account opening fraud occurs and what you can do to mitigate it.  

Never been to a Fraud Reduction Meeting? This free resource for our member financial institutions is an outstanding opportunity to network with your peers and law enforcement personnel to keep up-to-date on financial fraud in your community and what you can do about it.  Click the Read More button below to read the latest blog article about our Fraud Reduction Meetings by Stacy Turner, Manager, Member and Industry Relations.  

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