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ACH Risk Assessment for Financial Institutions

Have you identified all of your ACH processing risks? If not, let our team of payments experts assist you!

The Nacha Operating Rules require all participating DFIs to conduct an assessment of the risks of its ACH Activities. 

Article One, Subsection 1.2.4 Risk Assessments states:

A Participating DFI must:

(a) Conduct, or have conducted, an assessment of the risks of its ACH activities;
(b) Implement, or have implemented, a risk management program on the basis of such an assessment, and
(c) Comply with the requirements of its regulator(s) with respect to such assessment and risk management programs.

Regulatory changes, new payment applications, evolving technologies, and increasing threats from fraud all contribute to heightened risk environment. Combined with continuous changes to the Nacha Operating Rules, effectively managing your ACH processing risk is critical to your institution, and an accurate, thorough assessment of your risk environment is a crucial first step.

Experienced, accredited payments experts can perform your ACH Risk Assessment onsite or remotely at a competitive rate! Our team will evaluate your controls across the ACH delivery channel for both risk mitigation as well as operational efficiency. Our risk assessment is built around the OCC ACH Risk Management Guidance, and includes a review of:

  • existing ACH risk management systems;
  • ACH credit risk exposure and controls;
  • high-risk activities;
  • relationships with ACH Third-Party Service Providers;
  • transaction risk across multiple payment channels, and more. 

At the conclusion of your ACH Risk Assessment, we provide you with an informative, detailed report on inherent risk, implemented controls, and residual risks, along with recommendations for further risk mitigation. 

A review of all findings will be conducted during an exit meeting.

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