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Fraud Spotting Certificate Program

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Are you winning the game of two truths and a lie? You play it every day and may not even know it! With Traci Brown's Fraud Spotting Certificate program, you can win the game across the teller line, in your loan department, and help your team drastically improve your bottom line by detecting fraud before it happens. ePayResources has partnered with Traci Brown, renowned Body Language Expert, Certified Speaking Professional, and fraud podcaster, to bring you this program on fraud detection. In this 21-day online certificate program, you will uncover the secrets to detecting lies, fraud, and identity theft that happens right before your eyes! Certificate candidates receive access to 21 training videos; Traci's e-book, How to Detect Lies, Fraud, and Identity Theft, and worksheets that include a summary of important points to reinforce learning.

After viewing the videos and answering a single question for each video, candidates are granted access to the final exam to earn the Fraud Spotting Certificate of Completion. Candidates have 90 days from purchase date to complete the program and pass the final exam. Candidates will be given two opportunities to pass the exam and must earn a passing score of 80 or higher.

The 21 training videos are approximately 64 minutes in length and are eligible for 1.28 APRP continuing education credits. Time to complete the final exam will vary per candidate, but candidates should allow 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the exam. The exam consists of a combination of multiple choice, question and answer, and short essay-type answers, and requires a passing score of 80 or above. Candidates are giving two opportunities to pass the exam.

Item Number - FRDCERT2201