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Center for Payments Launches Fraud Survey

Use this link to take the survey by May 31, 2024: 
(One response per institution, please)

The Center for Payments, Nacha, and ICBA are conducting the 2024 Payments Fraud Survey. We need your institution’s valuable insights to deepen understanding of the impact that payments fraud imposes on financial institutions and their customers or members; help evaluate the current methodologies employed by financial institutions in identifying instances of payments fraud; and delineate the strategies and protocols adopted by financial institutions once instances of payments fraud are detected. The results will be used to provide actionable insights that will empower financial institutions to enhance their defenses against payments fraud and safeguard the integrity of their operations.

As an added incentive for participating in the survey, each participating financial institution will receive a personalized Company Performance Report. These are confidential individualized reports of a financial institution’s own survey results shown alongside institutions most like them. These reports provide respondents with an easy means of interpreting their results and comparing for themselves. Email addresses are collected in the survey for the distribution of these reports.

Participate now and make your voice heard! Your insights could pave the way for innovative best practices in fraud prevention and mitigation. To ensure the integrity of the data, each financial institution should submit only one survey response. Use this link to take the survey by May 31, 2024:

Thank you for your dedication to ensuring secure payments for all!